And all energy

And all energy At a strong feeling it wide and free.

The more yours , the big capacity suited for energy.

And all energy which you in forces to grasp, belongs to you.

The feeling of harmony of subjects and the phenomena gives rise to emotions.

They the energy strengthen feelings, and it proceeds until will not be saturated vivifying energy of harmony.

And it becomes good and pleasant to you.

So, when at you does not suffice own , in a norm condition you canrather successfully thanks to the mechanism of feelings to use external energy which is in harmonious subjects.

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At the same

At the same T they will be others.

Wednesday defines everything.

I think, that teenagers should show all parties of reality.

At the same time, it is necessary to give gradually them to that their direct environment would impart them correct examples of behavior.

Everything depends only on values.

If we place the most inveterate criminals in at personal society, they will change.

They cannot allow themselves other will work pride, envy, desire of honor – egoism, inherent in each person.

When the person in criminal srebehaves defiantly, it does it everything with the same purpose – on itself significant in the underworld.

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The volume

The volume But nevertheless these voices something bigger, than silence of the nursery.

The volume of the experience received by the child necessary for development, is almost equal to zero, and its main feelings thirst and desire something.

His mother regularly weighs the child, with satisfaction noting his successes.

The unique experience accepted for the child is the minutes released to it some in day on hands at mother da of a particle of feelings which are not completely useless and are added to the quotas necessary for its development.

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After the garland

After the garland Occupation course The adult brings a box with New Year's toys, races of them with the child, paying attention to the spoiled chain of color paper.

It is afflicted and asks the child on can make a new chain and decorate with it a room.

In the course of collaboration the adult reminds about posledovatelnost of performance of a task, how to stick together rings so that the chain turned out strong and lon turns the attention to that alone not to consult with this work, and together they could make such chain quickly.

After the garland is ready, the adult thanks rebenfor the help.

Occupation FASHIONABLE SHOW Purposes To develop sense of taste since childhood.

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I could be present

I could be present For example, the kid can row in a canoe or play rowing how can cut out itself for itself an oar.

Therefore when there will come time, to the child will give the small oar made by the adult.

To boys do small onions and arrows still before they will learn to speak; and they have a possibility to train and be improved in firing.

I could be present at the first minutes of working life of one little girl.

She was about two years old.

I and saw earlier, how she played among women and the girls, rubbing a cassava.

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